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Conventional Series

4 Conventional Instructions

5 Conventional Instructions

6 Conventional Instructions

8 Conventional Instructions


Cross Series

JG- 4 Cross Instructions

JG- 5 Cross Instructions

JG- 6 Cross Instructions

JG- 8 Cross Instructions


Star Series

JG- 3 Star Instructions

JG- 4 Star Instructions

JG- 5 Star Instructions

JG- 6 Star Instructions

JG- 8 Star Instructions


Super Audio Series

Super Audio 4 Flat Instructions

Super Audio 5 Flat Instructions

Super Audio 6 Flat Instructions

Super Audio 7 Flat Instructions

Super Audio 8 Flat Instructions


V Series (DX Antenna)

Skipjack Instructions

JG- 4V DX Instructions 

JG- 6V DX Instructions

JG- 8V DX Instructions


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JGAR- Pistol Instructions

JGAR- Hillbilly Instructions

JGAR- Son of a Gunn Instructions


Smokin Gunn II

Smokin Gunn II

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